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Occupy Rupert Murdoch Week

23rd -29th March 2015

Daily Themes and Schedule
Each day during the protest there will be events dedicated to a specific theme, covering an area where the 5 extremist ring-wing media billionaires negatively impact on our society and democracy:

Mon 23rd Mar:    
Environment Theme Day
+ Opening Event: Delivery of Arrest Warrant for Rupert Murdoch to News UK HQ at Mini-Shard

Tues 24th Mar:  
Democracy Theme Day

Wed 25th Mar:
   Poverty Theme Day

Thurs 26th Mar:   
Health and Stop Privatisation NHS/Police/Railways Day

Fri 27th Mar:       
Human Rights Theme Day

Sat 28th Mar:      
The People’s Trial of Rupert Murdoch

    Reclaim The Sun Mass Call Out Rally

Sun 29th Mar:      Alternative Real Media Session  

    Closing Celebration


Monday 23rd March - Environment Theme Day
11am:   Arrest Warrant for Rupert Murdoch - delivery to News UK HQ

1pm:     Reclaim Our Dreams from Media Moguls – George Barda       

     (Occupy Democracy)

5.30pm  Protest Rally

      Tina-Louise Rothery, Fractivist

     Shahrar Ali, Deputy Chair Green Party

7.30pm: General Assembly
9.00pm: Open Mic Cabaret

Meditation for those interested.

Tuesday 24th March - Democracy Theme Day  

11am:    History of the Wapping Dispute – Ann Field (News International

      Dispute Archive)
1pm:      Delivering Local Actions Nationally – Gail Bradbrook (A

Compassionate Revolutionary)

3.00pm:  The Media & War – Chris Nineham (Author: The People v Tony


5.30pm:  Rally

7.30pm:  General Assembly

Meditation for those interested.

Wednesday March 25th Poverty Theme Day

11am:    Tax Havens and UK and Developing Country Poverty - Naomi

Fowler (Taxcast tbc)

1pm:      The Prostituted Media – Donnachadh McCarthy (Author: The

Prostitute State)

5.30pm:  Anti-Poverty Protest Rally
Peter Pinkney – President RMT Union.

6.45pm:  General Assembly

Meditation for those interested.

Thursday March 26th Health / Anti-Privatisation Day

11am:    Media War on Drugs – Andria Mordant
1pm:      Lunchtime Protest Concert – Shock Hazard Band
3.00pm:  NHS Privatisation – Lambeth Local Perspective
5.30pm:  Protest Rally

Lucy Reynolds – Health Policy Analyst

6.45pm:  General Assembly

Meditation for those interested.

Friday March 27th Human Rights Theme Day

11am:   Media Attacks on Trade Union Rights – various speakers.
1pm:     Media Attack on all our Human Rights  
5.30pm: Protest Rally
             Des Freedman, Professor of Media, Goldsmiths College

6.45pm: General Assembly

Meditation for those interested.

Saturday 28th March Peace/Anti-War Theme Day
12.00pm: Murdoch: The People’s Trial   

Victims make the case against Murdoch with the people acting         as the jury.

War Crimes/Treason/Political Blackmail/Tax Avoidance

2.00pm     Reclaim the Sun - Mass Call Out Rally.

 Lindsay German, Convenor Stop the War Coalition
  John Christensen, Tax Justice Network

6.45pm     General Assembly

Meditation for those interested.

Sunday 29th March

12.00pm   Real Media Alternatives  

 Samantha Asumadu (Media Diversified)

 Kam Sandhu(Real Media)

2-4pm       Celebration / Closing Ceremony

         Shock Hazard Band