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Media Reloveolution.

Draft Occupy Charter for a Free Democratic Press

We, the people, deplore the fact that the UK’s democracy has been captured by 5 corrupt, right-wing, extremist media-billionaires. Their ownership of nearly all the UK's television stations, news agencies, radio stations, cinemas, book publishers, TV companies, cinema companies and 80% of the UK’s newspapers, means that these 5 extremists control an unacceptable proportion of what Britons see, read or listen to.

This corrupt power has enslaved our politicians in all the major parties and as the Leveson inquiry showed, they have treasonously blackmailed the UK’s politicians for a generation.

We need a free democratic press, one that serves the 100% and not the 0.1%, recognising that it is essential for the creation of a Britain with true social, political and ecological justice.

We therefore call for:

1. Ofcom to rule Murdoch, Rothermere, Desmond and Barclay Brothers ineligible to be media owners in the UK

2. Maximum share of market for any one private corporation to be reduced to 10% and for any one individual (either solely or corporately) to be 5%.

3.  Major media companies should be owned by employee ownership trusts

4. A Press Complaints Commission should be immediately established that is totally independent of the media, as it is successfully in Finland.

5. Full trade-union rights should be allowed for all journalists and media workers.

6. Media companies or owners with bank accounts in tax-havens to be barred from operating in the UK.

7. An independent, diverse media to be part-funded by a levy on larger media company profits. This would include support for independent local and national media companies.

8. An immediate boycott of News UK (The Sun/The Times/Sky), Daily Mail, The Express and Telegraph Groups and all other corporate media which do not conform to the spirit and letter of the articles in this charter.

9. All institutional and other shareholders to divest their shareholdings from these corrupt corporations until such time as Item 1 has been met.

10. People across the UK to stage their own local non-violent direct actions against these corporations and their papers/TV stations.

11. Private corporate directors to be removed from the BBC Trust’s chair and board.