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Occupy The Daily Mail - Climate Crisis Vigil

This Occupy protest, staged by Occupy The Media Billionaires will take place continuously from 1pm on Friday 23rd October to 3.30pm Sunday 25th October.

It will be held outside the Daily Mail HQ, Derry Street, off Kensington High Street, London, W8 5TT.

During Occupy Rupert Murdoch Week, we realised that all of the 5 right-wing billionaires' media corporations were against urgent positive action on the climate crisis.

The media are crucial in the run-up to the crucial Paris climate crisis summit in December.

The fossil fuel lobbyists, oil corporations and corrupt politicians are destroying any hope of meaningful climate crisis action in Britain with impunity, behind the protection of the right-wing media billionaires.

In the last few months, the government has:

The billionaire press has created a massive climate action crisis in the UK.

We therefore desperately need the editors/owners of these four corporate media corporations (Express/Telegraph/DailyMail/Sun- News UK) to support urgent action on the climate crisis to save Britain and the wider global environment.

This peaceful Climate Crisis Vigil aims to reach out and help persuade Paul Dacre, editor of The Daily Mail that his country and planet desperately need him to support urgent action on the climate crisis.

Please invite your Facebook friends to sign up to our Facebook event page at:


peace, love and respect

The Occupy The Daily Mail - Climate Crisis Vigil Team

Press Contact:  07947 884299   contact@3acorns.co.uk